Information for Landlords

Information for Renters


Subsidized Housing (BC Housing)

  • I need to apply for public housing.
  • I need assistance with the cost of housing.
    • Are you a senior? You may qualify for the Shelter Aid for Elderly Residents (SAFER) program.
    • Low income families may qualify for the Rental Assistance Program.
    • If you require assistance with either of these applications please contact my office. We can assist with making scanned or photocopies of necessary documents, provide paper copies of the application, and fax the application to the appropriate body. However, we cannot complete the application on your behalf.
  • Where am I on the BC Housing waitlist?
    • Please contact B.C Housing to receive more information.
    • If you are experiencing difficulties obtaining an answer, please contact my office. 
  • Can you change my position on the waitlist/expedite my housing request?
    • Unfortunately, no. We cannot change or advocate that you receive housing ahead of someone else on the list.
    • However, BC Housing prioritizes some situations including:
      • at risk of homelessness,
      • at risk of violence and/or
      • have a serious health condition that is affected by their current housing
    • If this applies to you, you should also fill out the Supplemental Application found here: https://www.bchousing.org/publications/Housing-Registry-Supplemental-Application-Form.pdf
  • Can you find housing for me?
    • No, unfortunately our office is not equipped to help constituents access a specific type of housing or specific property.