I have a question/issue regarding healthcare (Medical Services Plan, pharmacare, public health, complaints regarding care you received)

General Questions about Care, Complains and Services
  • I am concerned about the care me or my family member has been provided.
  • I have contacted the relevant PCQO and I am not satisfied by their answer and/or still have additional concerns.
  • I have a complaint about my physician.
  • I am on a waitlist for (insert procedure here). Can you help me with the wait time?
    • Unfortunately, no. Physicians prioritize their own waitlist based on need and urgency. We cannot help expedite your position on a waitlist. Please contact your care provider to discuss further.
  • I want my family member or myself to enter assisted living, or long term care. Can you help?
Medical Services Plan
  • How do I get Medical Services Plan coverage?
  • Who qualifies for MSP?
    • To be eligible for coverage with British Columbia’s health care plans, your spouse/child must be a resident of this province. The Medicare Protection Act defines a resident as a person who is a citizen of Canada or is lawfully admitted to Canada for permanent residence, makes his or her home in British Columbia, and is physically present in British Columbia at least six months in a calendar year, or a shorter prescribed period, and includes a person who is deemed under the regulations to be a resident but does not include a tourist or visitor to British Columbia.
  • My relative is visiting Canada and is in need of urgent medical care. Can they be covered?
    • Unfortunately, no. Visitors and tourists to Canada including visiting family members who are not a resident of BC (obtained permanent residence) are not eligible for MSP.
    • Visitors are expected to have adequate private medical insurance for their duration of their stay. Our office cannot assist with obtaining MSP coverage.
  • I am in the process of obtaining Permanent Residence. Where can I get more information on when my coverage begins and when I can apply?
  • I have been receiving calls from MSP regarding outstanding MSP fees. I thought we didn’t have to pay MSP fees anymore. What’s going on?